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The Holy Oak Trilogy: 1. Inspiration from the Holy Oak

Inspiration from The Holy Oak

From the Holy Oak Trilogy


Savannah Song – a new tune, a new project

Check out my new song. It wants to meet musicians for further orchestration, and then it becomes the central them for a dance video.



bella bellisima BELLASONG

BELLASONG sings the world, one note at a time.

Music comes in many shapes and sizes. It is an inner sound that urges us to dream, relax, cry. It fills a room or countryside with laughter and dance. Music penetrates the body and mind and whispers to the soul. Often, when we allow this powerful medium to enter…we are incited to dance. Always, we find something, whether we were looking or not.

Bellasong artists create music for dance, theatre and film, for popular venues and public events and for enjoying anywhere, anytime.

Bellasong is a part of Bella Deluxe Entertainment.